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Toucan products

The Toucan range of softeners are all meter demand and use less water and salt per regeneration than the old models.

Please note, MT models are powered by a choice of battery or electric; T models are electric only.

  MT200 MT600
Models MT200 MT600
Design Type Cabinet Cabinet & Hood
Family Size 1-3 People 1-8 People
Height 448mm 550mm
Depth 440mm 476mm
Width 220mm 277mm
  MT450 MT650
Models MT450 MT650
Design Type Cabinet Cabinet
Family Size 1-4 People 1-8 People
Height 545mm 688mm
Depth 470mm 470mm
Width 245mm 245mm

  T200 T450
Models T200 T450
Design Type Cabinet Cabinet
Family Size 1-3 People 1-4 People
Height 535mm 620mm
Depth 450mm 470mm
Width 220mm 245mm
  T650 ST600 T600
Models T650 ST600 T600
Design Type Cabinet Two-Piece Cabinet & Hood
Family Size 1-8 People 1-8 People 1-8 People
Height 763mm 778mm 632mm
Depth 470mm 275mm 470mm
Width 245mm - 277mm

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